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  Simon joined in 2002(aged 6), Head Chorister 2008-09, Choral Scholar 2012-14

“I sang in the choir for twelve years, and I’m now studying singing at the University of Leeds, and there is no doubt that the choir has really helped give me confidence and develop as a musician from a very early age.”



 Alicia joined in 2006, Head Chorister 2011-12,  Choral Scholar 2014-15

 “I was a member of the choir for 7 and a half years. Being part of the choir allowed me to meet new people, learn skills such as organisation and working as a team, increase my musical skills and knowledge and most importantly it helped me grow in confidence. I really enjoyed being part of the choir as we learned music together in a relaxed and fun environment; I especially enjoyed the choir tours!"


  Alex joined in 2011, Head Chorister 2015-16

 "I've been in the choir for 4 years (since I was eight!) I enjoy singing together as a choir and it has helped me with all the music that I do. I found it easy to make new friends in the choir as everyone is very friendly.  All the choristers have a part to play and it is the job of the Head Chorister to ensure that everyone works together as a team and that services and concerts run smoothly. We have lots of fun, especially on the annual Singing Week."



 Cat joined in 2002, Head Chorister 2006-07

"I was a member of the choir for around 10 years; during which time I made many close friends, built valuable work ethic and life skills, and had the opportunity to visit towns and cities all around the country. Being part of the choir is being part of a generous community, the support of which gave me the confidence to learn new things, grow independence and even sing in front of an audience. I currently write reviews for a Bristol music magazine and a career around the music industry is my ultimate goal; I feel the knowledge of and love for music that I gained in the choir continue to play a huge part in facilitating this dream. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences and sense of achievement I earned from the choir and cannot recommend it enough; I still miss it today."


 Freya joined in 2006, Head Chorister 2012-13, Choral Scholar 2013-16

"I have been in the choir for almost 10 years , I hadn't done a lot of singing beforehand and I was quite shy about singing in front of other people. However being a part of this choir, which is really friendly and gives you so many opportunities, allowed me to grow in confidence and I havenow achievede my grade 8 signing and am working towards my gold RCSM medal. The choir has emcouraged me to become a leader, to help younger choristers develop as singers,  and I also teach some of them and pass on the knowledge and training that has been given to me to help them, because it has made me the person I am today." 


 Eleanor  joined in 2001, Head Chorister 2007-08

 "I was a member of the Choir from aged 8 to 18. Every year we sang a fantastic range of music covering all the seasons. We were also invited to be a part of many special occasions, including a visit from Prince Charles. I especially looked forward to the annual summer tour. This provided the opportunity to sing in a variety of places, including the Cathedrals in Peterborough, Lichfield and Saint David’s. This week was always entertaining, having fun and making music with great friends.  My experiences at Saint Mary’s provided valuable transferable skills, including teamwork, leadership and organisation, which proved essential background for becoming a Choral Scholar at Swansea University and earning the RSCM Gold Award. "